History of the Firm

The Pakistan firm of A. F. Ferguson & Co., came into existence on November 1, 1952 when the old firm of the same name was split into two independent entities. The origin of the firm, however, go back to 1893.

Mr. A. F. Ferguson, a Chartered Accountant of Scotland, came to Bombay in 1889 as chief accountant in the merchant firm of Ritchie Stewart & Co., [later to become Forbes Forbes Campbell & Co. (Private) Limited]. In 1893 he started to practice and was the first British Chartered Accountant to do so in this part of the world. Mr. P.G. Irvine, previously an assistant became a partner in 1898 and the name of the firm was changed to ‘Ferguson & Irvine’. In 1902, owing to the ill-health of Mr. Irvine, this partnership was dissolved and the firm became ‘A. F. Ferguson & Co.’, with Mr. A. F. Ferguson and Mr. W. Turner Green as partners. The firm prospered in Bombay and in 1908 an office was opened in Karachi. Mr. A. F. Ferguson returned to the United Kingdom in 1912 and commenced practice in London.

The Karachi office was opened on March 20, 1908. The office was in a small room, part of the Latham & Co.’s office on Bunder Road (now M. A. Jinnah Road), near the Merewether Tower.

The firm operated in the Persian Gulf between 1910 and 1924 and for some years a branch office was also maintained there.

The Lahore office was opened in 1926 when the firm of Niessen Dignasse & Co., was acquired. Later, a small office was established in Rawalpindi, which at that time was known as a sub-branch of the Lahore office.

In August 1947 the Indian sub-continent was partitioned and Pakistan was founded.

The Pakistan firm was formed on November 1, 1952 by a deed, signed and stamped in Pakistan at Karachi, and took over the practice previously carried on by the Karachi and Lahore branches of the Indian firm whose head office was in Bombay. There was a complete severance from the old Indian firm which continued to practice in India under the same name. The Rawalpindi branch was upgraded to an independent office in November 1952 and an office was also opened at Islamabad in late 1992. The Rawalpindi office was transferred to Islamabad in early 1993.

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