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 Tax Memorandum 2013

This memorandum summarises important changes proposed in the 
Finance Bill 2013 relating to Income Tax, Sales Tax, Federal Excise Duty and
Customs Duty. For considering precise impact of a particular change, reference
should be made to the specific wordings in the relevant statute.
All changes through the Finance Bill 2013 are effective July 1, 2013, except for
amendments in the First Schedule to the Customs Act, 1969 and certain
amendments (identified in the memorandum) in the Sales Tax Act, 1990 and
Federal Excise Act, 2005 which are effective from June 13, 2013. Effective
date of amendments through various notifications are also identified in the
The proposals introduced in the Bill are to be approved by the National
Assembly, therefore, should not generally be acted upon without obtaining
appropriate advice.